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R22-Refrigeration Legislation  //  The Situation

"Doing nothing is not an option, so make sure your business has a phase-out plan in place"

R22 Refrigeration Legislation

The Situation

  • Air con systems installed before 1 January 2004 may use R22 refrigerant.

  • New legislation bans the use of new R22 refrigerant in servicing existing equipment

  • After 1st of January 2004 all new systems had to use a ‘modern’ refrigerant eg R407a

Your Options

  • Option A: continue to use system your existing system

  • Option B: use R22 drop-in replacement for service R22 drop-in: expensive and less efficient

  • Option C: continue to use existing pipe runs change units to current replace technology models that use R410a: less disruption and cost than all-new system

New equipment pays for itself in 2 years

  • New replace technology equipment uses existing pipe runs which means min cost and disruption

  • New replace technology equipment is inverter driven and is approx 50% more energy efficient than old R22 fixed-speed systems

  • New inverter equipment cuts your energy bill in half: pays for itself in 2 years

R410aThe Solution

R410a is more environmentally-friendly. It has a zero Ozone depleting potential, so if your system does leak, the escaping refrigerant won’t harm the ozone.

  • R410a is classed as an A1 refrigerant, which means that it is non- flammable and non-toxic

  • R410a is more energy efficient, offering a 35% greater heat transfer rate than R22

  • R410a has a decreased compressor displacement of 30%

Countdown To Compliance

Jan 1st 2004

Ban on the introduction and supply of new air conditioning systems operating R22

Dec 31st 2009

Supply of new R22 refrigerant used to service RAC equipment is banned

Jan 1st 2010

Only reclaimed or recycled R22 refrigerant may be used from January 2010 until December 2014

Jan 1st 2013

Following the phase-out, the cost of R22 refrigerant could quadruple in price year on year, and supplies of recycled R22 could run out by 2013

Dec 1st 2014

Systems operating on R22 refrigerant will be classed as ‘non serviceable’.

Dec 31st 2014

A complete ban on R22 refrigerant, including reclaimed or recycled, comes into force.

By selecting a system that uses R410a, you avoid the risk that R22 could become expensive or difficult to get as a result of phase-out when your old system needs to be repaired in a few years time. R410a systems can be more reliable than R22 systems because they utilise the most current technology available for more efficient and quieter operation, with less damaging vibration. R410a can also absorb and release heat more efficiently than R22 ever could, so compressors with R410a run cooler, with less risk of burn out.

Just like many new cars, R410a systems use a highly soluble, synthetic lubricant that helps to ensure smooth operation, reduce wear and tear on the compressor and other moving parts, and so extends their life. If you have currently have R22 equipment and would like to know more please contact us.